Google News has released its most popular videos from last year, and it has released all of them online.

Here are the top 10 most popular Google News videos of the year:A few notes about the data:The data for this list comes from Google’s YouTube Analytics.

You can view it here.

The list of videos on YouTube for the year comes from YouTube’s API.

You may need to enter your own channel ID and channel details in the API to see the videos.

This list is based on the Google News YouTube channel that the data is derived from.

If you’re a Google advertiser and would like to see your channel on this list, you can submit your profile info and the channel name here.

If you’re not sure if a video is your own, you should also check the “If so, what is it about?” box to see if a particular video is affiliated with your brand.

This box is also available in Google News.