Google News title Gulliver parts of a communications system to assist dolphins learn articles A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is developing a communication device that can assist animals in learning how to communicate.

According to the MIT Technology Review, the device is called Gulliving Parts and is designed to be used by dolphins and other animals.

“By learning to communicate through gestures and body language, the Gullivers communicate with their partners through the use of visual cues, such as the shape of their eyes or a sound, as well as the presence of a familiar face,” the researchers said in a press release.

According the press release, the devices are also designed to work with humans, allowing them to communicate with a human in real time, in a natural setting, or with a dog.

The team, which was led by Professor Robert C. Guller, a former DARPA contractor, said it was able to build the device because of a desire to use it to aid animals in understanding and controlling the behavior of humans and other sentient beings.

Gulliving parts are intended to be small, lightweight, wearable, easy to use and environmentally friendly, said Gullinger.

“In addition, the materials can be used to make wearable, durable, and low-cost communication devices for humans, such that they can be readily transported and used by humans.”

The researchers hope to start selling the device in the near future.

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