NEW YORK — The New York City charter school system, which has seen record enrollment, has been hit with a new round of criticism from lawmakers who say it is not creating enough opportunity for children to succeed.

The latest round of charter school boycotts began last week, as New York lawmakers expressed concern about charter schools’ ability to provide a quality education to all students, according to an NBC News analysis of data provided by the National Education Association.

The boycott targets charter schools in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. 

Charter school enrollment in New York is on the rise and the state is facing a budget crunch, so lawmakers have become increasingly critical of charter schools, which they argue are not meeting the needs of students in the state.

The NAACP, which represents charter school advocates, filed a lawsuit against the New York Department of Education in February alleging the charter schools are in violation of the state’s charter school law, which requires schools to provide quality instruction.

Since then, the state has faced criticism from charter school groups that the charter school industry is not providing enough opportunities for students to succeed, according, to NBC News.

“We want charter schools to have access to resources to help their students succeed,” said Jami Dennison, a spokesperson for the New Yorkers for Charter Schools, a charter advocacy group.

“That’s what the charter industry is doing, providing students access to high-quality learning opportunities.”

Charter schools in New Jersey and New York, where enrollment has been in the double digits for years, also have faced criticism.

“They don’t really do any good.

They’re not serving the needs and the needs are not being met,” said Chris Durbin, a member of the New Jersey State Assembly.

In the Bronx, a Bronx-based advocacy group called Bronx Charter Schools is calling for a boycott of the charter chain, the Bronx Charter Alliance, for failing to meet the standards of the city charter law.

 The Bronx Charter School Association also launched a petition against the company that owns the Bronx charter schools and has said that charter schools need to create more opportunities for children.

Last month, the New Orleans charter school district released a report showing that the majority of charter students were not participating in the high school program and were attending alternative schools, according the New Times.

The New Jersey school board voted to allow charters to take over the schools after the city and charter schools were embroiled in a court battle over whether the schools were failing to provide high school students with access to adequate resources.

State Rep. Joe DiMaggio, a Democrat who represents parts of the Bronx and is one of the lawmakers who filed the boycott petition, said the boycott is “a desperate attempt by the New New York charter schools lobby to stop the success of New York’s charter schools.”

DiMaggios district is located in Brooklyn and he said the city needs to do more to address the need for charter schools.

“We’re not doing enough, not addressing the needs that kids in this district have, we’re not addressing issues that we have in the Bronx,” he said.

“I think charter schools should be the ones that are addressing the issues that the public has with our schools.”