The ‘Man With a Beard’ has earned the Masters degree in communication at the University of South Australia, according to a statement released by the university.

The Bachelor of Communication (Master of Communications) degree was awarded to former South Australian Premier Barry O’Farrell in January 2016.

In his statement to the media, Mr O’Flaughre said the Masters was awarded “to a very deserving student” from the State.

“We recognise the exceptional work that has gone into this project and wish to thank the many who have contributed to the development of this unique programme,” he said.

“The course is one of the most exciting opportunities available to the graduate with a Master in Communication and the Master of Communication is a unique and rewarding career path.”

The Masters program is currently offered through the SA School of Communication and Information.

“Our Masters in Communication program is one that is focused on the practical application of the skills and knowledge gained in our Master of Journalism degree and is structured around practical teaching,” Mr O’the said.

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