A major online music retailer has announced it will close down and close shop as it looks to trim its workforce.

It’s a major blow to the UK music industry and one that will leave millions of listeners without a place to listen.

In a statement, Spotify said: “In a world where millions of people rely on Spotify for music and news, the loss of a key service like Spotify is a huge blow.

Spotify is our most important service for listeners and creators in the UK.”

We want to continue to be open and responsive to the needs of our loyal and passionate customers and we will continue to offer support and support for our listeners and our artists.

“Spotify has about 8.5 million active users worldwide.

Its online streaming service has been around for over two decades, but it has been in a precarious position.

The company has been unable to find the right funding to continue as it continues to scale up and invest in new features.

The company has also been forced to close a number of music services to make room for new ones.

It is unclear how long Spotify will continue offering services in the country.

The music streaming site’s parent company, Time Warner, has made several rounds of debt since 2014, and the company recently closed its doors to focus on its streaming service.