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Here’s what to look for in a tweet that looks like a news story: 1.

The headline must be a headline that describes the topic in question.

For example, if a story about the U.S. government’s efforts to regulate the health insurance industry focuses on an upcoming congressional hearing, it might look like: “Congressional hearing: How the Trump administration is using its power to make Obamacare work again.”


The subject of the tweet should be about a news event or an issue in the news.


The title of the story should be as specific as possible.

If the subject is a business topic, the headline should read: “Trump administration seeks to force states to provide insurers with health plans with higher premiums.”


If a tweet is about a new product, you can use the hashtags #NewHealth, #Healthcare, #AffordableHealthCare, #MedicareForAll, #Pension, #Retirement and #EqualPay.


For a headline about a local news story, you could also use the hashtag #LocalNews, #LocalPolitics, #PoliticizedNews, or #LocalRep.


The hashtags can be followed with an asterisk (*), but the headline must also include the keyword #Local.


When tweeting about an event, it’s better to include the hashtag.

For instance, if you’re looking for news about a meeting between the Trump Administration and the House of Representatives, tweet the hashtag, “Trump Administration meets with House GOP on healthcare,” or “Trump meeting with House Republicans.”


Follow @realDonaldTrump on Twitter.


The best way to reach a news outlet on Twitter is to use the Twitter app.

Here are a few suggestions to help you find out more about the news that’s trending on Twitter: 10.

Tweet to the right person.

For the best reach, tweet to people with similar interests to your own.

Follow them and use the same hashtag.


Tweets must include the following information: The subject: The name of the news organization or site you want to reach.

The source of the report.

The time, date and location.

The body of the article or tweet.


You can also find out if the news outlet is currently broadcasting by going to their website or social media.

If it’s not, they can be reached by emailing the office of the editor, which is usually @TwitterHQ.