The social media platform Facebook is allowing users to watch videos of others.

Facebook’s announcement of the video-chatting feature came as it announced it was expanding its news feed to allow users to add videos to their feeds.

The feature allows users to upload videos and pictures that are automatically embedded into their news feed.

But the feature isn’t available in all countries, and the company has limited the amount of time that people can watch videos.

Some users have complained that the feature does not offer them the full social experience.

The feature has been criticized as a limitation on freedom of expression, while others have complained it is intrusive and slow.

Facebook also announced last week that it will begin allowing users with Facebook accounts to create their own news feed on the platform.

Facebook users can choose which news feeds they want to share and how much they want them to share.

The new feature is available to users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Facebook has not said whether the feature will be available in India, where it is also expanding its mobile- and desktop-based news feeds.

Facebook said that people with Facebook Accounts could also make their own video-calls and chat-room chats on the site, using the same features that they use on Facebook.

Facebook said that users who are already on Facebook can still use the same apps, but that the app will be more robust.

The company said the feature is designed to help people quickly connect and share stories and videos from different parts of the world.

Facebook also said it will offer more video-sharing options and tools for users to create more personalized content.

Users will be able to view and post videos, images, and other content in Facebook News Feed, and users will be given the option to make their posts visible to friends or strangers.

In addition to the video features, Facebook said it plans to launch an app to help users quickly search through their Facebook friends’ posts.

Facebook has also introduced new features that will let people see how their friends are reacting to their posts, and help users share their news with friends who aren’t online.

Users can see how friends are responding to their news stories by clicking on the friend’s name, and then clicking on a friend’s photo, which will open up a photo-editing feature.

Users can also click on a post that has been liked or shared to get more information about the topic.

Facebook announced last year that it was rolling out new features to improve user safety and to improve its user experience.

Users will also be able see the time they have been reading a post on Facebook, and can add their Facebook profile picture to their profile picture, and they can share their favorite content with friends or family members.