Fox News has learned that more than 60,00 consumers have signed a petition urging the U.S. Postal Service to stop using Nuance communications marketing services, which are used to market the mail to consumers.

“Nuance has been engaging in deceptive and misleading marketing for many years and we have long been aware that they have a history of using deceptive tactics,” said David Bowers, president of the Consumers Union of North America, the trade group for the more than 90,000 consumers who signed the petition.

“This campaign is part of a growing effort by consumers who want the Postal Service, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Congress to stop these deceptive and harmful practices and to ensure consumers get the most up-to-date and accurate information about the mail.”

Nuances efforts to market its services to consumers have included an effort to get its own mailboxes to be used for consumer credit card processing, a campaign to get people to sign up for Nuance’s “MyMail” app, and a campaign targeting seniors to promote Nuance mailboxes.

The Consumers Union petition calls on the U,S.

Post Office to stop advertising mailboxes and to discontinue using Nuances marketing services.

“Consumers who have purchased Nuance services and received promotional mail are entitled to prompt, honest and prompt responses to their questions, complaints and questions.

We call on the Postal Regulatory Commission and the Postal Management and Information Services (PMIS) Office to remove all advertisements from Nuance websites and to cancel Nuance promotions,” said the petition, which has received more than 3,700 signatures so far.

The Postal Service has declined to comment.

We are working with our customers to take corrective action, and we are committed to addressing the problems that have led to this deceptive behavior.””

The FTC and the Commerce Department have long recognized the risk that Nuance poses to consumers, including the fact that its mailboxes may be used by others for mailing fraudulent mail.

We are working with our customers to take corrective action, and we are committed to addressing the problems that have led to this deceptive behavior.”

The Postal Management Services Office has issued a cease-and-desist order against Nuance, which Nuanced says will include terminating all promotional mail and mailboxes for all of its customers, including those who have been subject to Nuance marketing tactics.

The order also calls for the removal of any Nuance product on Nuance-owned or operated websites and the prohibition of Nuance advertising, including on Nuances website.

“I have a lot of respect for the Postal Services and the people who work there.

But we also have to have integrity in this marketplace, which is what we are doing.

And we will continue to work with customers to help them make informed choices,” Bowers said.