A lot of people are confused about what the word “social networking” means, according to new research.

The researchers who conducted the research on the word were looking for a way to distinguish between different social media platforms.

“Social networks are an important component of online communication for people, but it’s unclear whether the term should be used in a broad sense or only when talking about certain types of communications,” study co-author Jelena Vadim said in a statement.

“Social networks also offer many opportunities for users to interact, collaborate and collaborate in new ways.”

The study focused on the term, and it looked at the history of the term.

In 2014, the Oxford English Dictionary added the term to its official lexicon, and in 2020, the Associated Press started using the term as part of a story on social media.

The word “networking” originally referred to an era of social networking, when it was used to refer mainly to web chat and online forums, but has also been used to describe other types of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.

In a study published in 2017, researchers from Harvard University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison compared the word’s usage on social networking platforms to the usage of the word in other media, including news and sportswriting.

The authors found that the word was far more commonly used in sports media than other media.

In the sports media industry, social media is often seen as an important tool for players, coaches, and other team leaders.

A 2017 report by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) found that there was a strong correlation between sports media coverage and the use of social media during the 2014 World Cup.

“There are plenty of other social media channels out there,” Vadrim said.

“The term ‘social network’ is the one that we use to talk about these other social channels.

We don’t have to define it in a specific way.

We can use it as an umbrella term to describe the other types.”