Health workers across the country are urging users to check for signs of addiction before using drugs.

The National Drug and Alcohol Hotline is urging people to look for signs that someone is an alcoholic or using drugs, and to talk to a trained counsellor about getting help.

Health Australia says people with a history of addiction need to seek treatment and the National Drug Information Service is warning people not to use any drugs that they might be addicted to.

“People who are experiencing alcohol or drug abuse should not use, or consume, any alcohol or drugs at any time.

People should also seek treatment for substance misuse and seek help if they experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders or panic attacks,” the service says.

If you have a health concern about someone using drugs and/or alcohol, you can call the National Drugs Hotline 1800 666 657 or the National Alcohol & Drug Information Hotline 1300 222 787.

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Health Australia is asking people with health concerns about someone who is an alcohol or substance abuser to speak to a health professional.

The hotline is also asking people to check their phone and social media for signs they might have an addiction to drugs.

If you see someone with an addiction problem and feel they might need help, contact the National Substance Abuse and Mental Health Hotline on 1800 688 664.