AT&M Wireless says it is offering discounts to help drive sales of its popular new wireless service.

The wireless company on Thursday said it is selling up to $50 off a monthly plan for its popular prepaid service.

AT&P and T-Mobile said they would offer similar discounts, while Verizon Wireless and Sprint were not immediately available for comment.

AT & T said it will be selling $10 off a $20 plan starting at $30, and the service will be offered for $10 per month, up from $20.

Sprint also will offer $10 discounts off a prepaid plan starting on April 1, starting at a new $50 monthly plan, up to a maximum of $200 per month.

AT is offering customers a $10 credit toward their first month of service, and an additional $10 will be available for the second month.

The company said the offer is a “once-off incentive” that will be in effect for six months.

AT and T are the only carriers offering wireless services for pay-TV customers.

Sprint, which is launching its own pay-for-wifi service, said it would be offering its own discounts on top of the new $10 discount.

The prepaid service, AT&T’s Cricket, will be $20 off a basic plan starting March 1.

AT says Cricket will be offering free texting and calls with any purchase on AT&s website and on its mobile app.

AT said it has had 5 million customers sign up for Cricket, which will cost $40 a month and offer free text and data.

The carrier said it expects Cricket to have a 10% subscriber growth in the second quarter of 2018, with additional revenue potential.

The $20 savings offer applies to both prepaid and basic plans, AT said.

AT has also announced plans to offer a $5 discount to customers on the AT&t U-Verse prepaid plan for $15 a month.

Verizon Wireless, which has been aggressively pursuing prepaid customers with its U-verse service, has also offered free texting for the first time in its history, offering a $15 off unlimited texting offer starting April 1.

Verizon said it had 1.3 million prepaid customers signing up for U-Verses last year, and had 4.6 million in the first quarter of this year.

AT will also be offering $10 free on the Cricket service, starting on March 1, for new prepaid customers, up $10 from its $20 offer.

AT customers can still sign up on its website to get the $10 offer.

Sprint will also offer a prepaid $5 credit toward a first month’s monthly service, up a maximum $30 from its earlier offer of $20, starting March 2.

Sprint said the credit is only available on new prepaid plans, not existing ones.

AT plans to begin offering the Cricket and U-verses plans in mid-April, AT >T said.