The future of streaming video may depend on what happens with the companies.

The debate over whether or not Netflix and other internet-streaming services like Netflix should be classified as a media company has been raging for years.

A key argument against that classification was that they are merely the platforms that allow viewers to watch movies and TV shows over the internet.

The debate was sparked in 2015 when Netflix announced that it would no longer make its own films or television shows.

However, the company has recently moved to stream a lot of TV content, such as the HBO hit “House of Cards” and HBO’s “True Detective.”

It’s a move that will likely lead to more Netflix shows on streaming services and possibly other companies that have yet to announce their own TV content.

What will happen to Netflix and the other streaming services that could become part of that future?

If Netflix is to continue to be classified, it will need to either give up some of its content to compete or make changes that will allow it to compete in an increasingly crowded video market.

Netflix has the largest subscriber base in the U.S., and the company is already using its content and other video assets to help launch other online video services.

If Netflix wants to continue the momentum it has built for years, it might be wise to offer the same level of content for the streaming services it’s already partnered with.