CBS is mulling over whether to end its popular sci-fi franchise, which aired for nearly half a century and inspired an entire generation of young actors and actors, including many who have gone on to star in films and TV shows.CBS is looking at whether to renew the sci-fic series after 20 seasons and “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which aired from 1966 to 1972.

If it decides to move forward with the series, the network will probably announce the renewal within the next month or so, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

The series, which ran from 1966 through 1972, is often cited as one of the greatest shows of all time, including the Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award.

It’s a popular franchise among young people and many of them have become familiar with characters from the series.

That has created a big fan base, with many fans now writing on Twitter about why the series shouldn’t be cancelled.

The franchise’s success is largely credited to the success of Star Trek, which featured some of the biggest stars in science fiction and fantasy in the early 1960s, and which spawned a sequel, Star Trek: Beyond.CBS has said in the past that it plans to renew “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” next season, which is based on the franchise and will star the character of young Anakin Skywalker.

The renewal of “Star Citizen,” a space-based space-sim game that has already received more than $1 billion in funding, has also been announced, but has not yet been announced by CBS.

But CBS has not announced if it will renew “The Big Bang Theory,” which is currently in its fourth season and stars Jay Baruchel, Sarah Shahi and John DiMaggio.

That show, which airs on CBS on Sundays, has been one of CBS’s most popular series and has generated much buzz and buzz is a lot of it.