When you have an anxiety disorder, you probably get a lot of phone calls and text messages from people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

But what if you have no idea what you’re talking to people for?

This article gives you an idea.

In the new CBS series, “Bachelor in Paradise,” there’s a lot to keep track of in the Bachelor-Bachelorette relationship.

The Bachelor, the Bachelor in Paradise, the “Bachelors” — they’re all part of a romantic triangle that’s trying to make a life together.

But if you ask them to describe the Bachelor, they’ll tell you that they’re not the same person as when they first met.

“When you’re dating, you’re going through all the motions,” says Chris Diamantopoulos, who plays the Bachelor.

“You’re kind of playing it up, but you’re not really dating.

I’m not dating the Bachelor at all.”

Chris Diamontopoulos plays the “bachelor.”

Courtesy CBS.comBachelor-BachelorIn Paradise premieres Wednesday, June 15 at 8 p.m.

ET on CBS.

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The Bachelor in paradise is a new reality show from CBS.

In the show, the first person to say “I do” is asked to say whether they’re “bacheloretting.”

For this interview, the two people who said yes were Jason and Taylor.

Jason, a 26-year-old bartender, is an avid gamer who plays video games all day and drinks a lot.

Taylor, a 24-year old nurse, is a mom who’s a teacher.

“I feel like the Bachelor is an emotional roller coaster, where it’s not necessarily about getting laid but having an emotional connection,” he says.

When he and Taylor met, Jason was the one who made the first move.

They got engaged in the game world.

But after the game, the relationship fell apart.

Taylor wanted to start dating someone else, but Jason was still single.

He wanted to date someone who would be a good fit for his family.

“That’s why he was looking for someone else to date, because he didn’t want to just be with someone who’s been a good match,” says Taylor.

“The Bachelor” is an opportunity to see what happens when a couple wants to get married but aren’t ready to get engaged yet.

Jason and the Bachelor have always been friends.

But now, he and his ex-girlfriend, Taylor, want to be together.

It’s not about sex, it’s about being together.

“You know what?

I’ve been a bachelor, but I’m still a bachelor,” says Jason.

“We both want to go to bed with each other.”

“Birds of a feather flock together, birds of a different color, birds that are more common in different places.

I think the idea of not getting married is kind of the thing that keeps us from being a happy couple,” says Diamanteopoulos.

The idea of dating someone who won’t have a family is not the only thing keeping the couple together.

“It’s the idea that there’s someone else out there who’s going to be better for you than you’re ever going to get,” says Jaxon.

“And it’s kind of like that whole idea of, you know, being happy with who you are.

You have to keep moving forward.”

When the Bachelor and the Bacheloretts meet, Jason and his fiancé have a lot on their plate.

He has to deal with his anxiety.

He’s also juggling work and his career, and Taylor is pregnant.

But when they meet in the real world, they are not alone.

The Bachelor and Bachelorettes are a team in “Bones.”

Courtesy ABC.comJason and Taylor have a special bond.

Courtesy ABC