A new creative communications unit, led by Cameron Communications chief executive Peter Harris, has been set up by the firm.

The unit, which is the brainchild of Harris, will be staffed by senior executives who will work with the firm’s digital team to create the content for the channel, which it will run in conjunction with other broadcasters.

The unit will be led by Peter Harris and includes senior digital and social managers.

Its mission is to bring together “creative and innovative digital strategy and content to drive a more creative, engaging and relevant digital future”, according to a statement from the company.

The statement added:”The team is focused on helping create a creative and innovative communications team that will help shape the future of the business and the industry in a way that is both effective and creative.”

A spokesman for the company said it was working with other digital firms to “explore the potential for creative partnerships”.

“Creative Communications has always been at the forefront of innovation in media, and we are proud to be the creative communications partner for the BBC News Channel,” the statement said.

“We have a unique ability to work across all platforms to deliver compelling and engaging content for all audiences.”

The statement said the unit was “designed to address a range of challenges for the broadcaster, including the ever-evolving nature of digital media”.

“The creative team will be working with senior digital teams, digital influencers, and digital marketing agencies in an effort to create content that is relevant and creative to our audiences,” it added.

The BBC has already started to produce content in partnership with other media outlets.