Iridium Communications is in talks with 5G mobile carriers to build a wireless network that would serve as a “premium” network, the company said on Thursday.

The move would bolster the company’s network coverage in the U.S., as the company has not announced the exact details of its plan for the U.-S.

market yet.

The 5G-focused carrier said the talks would include an acquisition and an agreement to license the 5G spectrum.

It added that it would not be able to offer its 5G service until 2018.

The company is working with wireless operators on 5G deployment in its U.K. and Europe.

It has also been pursuing its 5,000-megawatt 5G network in South Korea and has signed a deal with France’s O2.

Iridium is not part of the existing 5G deployments in these markets, but is expected to be one of the first carriers to roll out its network.