It is often a question that is asked, not by new students, but by former students who are returning to university.

They are often asked to assess the future and make predictions about what will happen to their careers. 

I have had many people ask me if they should go into journalism, I am not sure if they have had an idea of what their career path might look like, and what they could expect from the profession. 

The key thing is that the future is so uncertain, that the best advice is to start thinking carefully about the profession, and about what it will take to make a good career. 

What you should do as you go through your career It is important to realise that your career is a lifetime, and that you should have some idea of where you might end up. 

If you do not understand the profession or how it works, then you will likely end up with a bad job.

You might not be happy about it, and it will be difficult to move on if you are unhappy. 

For some of us, the transition to work is a very difficult one, because of the stress and the demands of the job. 

There are some good reasons why we should consider a career in the workplace, but it is important that you do your research, and do not assume that what you want to do is possible. 

You should consider what your future career could be, and whether it would suit you. 

Some of the jobs you might find interesting: a medical scientist