U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would send U.

Ns. inspectors to North Korea’s nuclear tests in order to “disappoint” the United Nations over its failure to “communicate” with the North.

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, Trump said he wanted to “find out what is going on with our diplomats” after North Korea threatened on Thursday to test-launch ballistic missiles in response to U.NS.

Ambassador Nikki Haley’s visit to Pyongyang, which has been postponed by North Korea in order for Haley to receive medical treatment.

“I want to find out what’s going on,” Trump said.

“If we don’t communicate with them, we’re not going to do what we need to do, so we’re going to find that out, because you can’t expect them to communicate with you.”

The President made the remarks in response for a question about North Korea, where he said that his administration “has no choice” but to “take some action.”

“The fact that they don’t want to communicate means we can’t do what it takes to do something about it,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force Two.

“So we have no choice.

If we don- we have to act, but that’s our choice.”

The United Nations Security Council, led by Russia and China, has been negotiating with North Korea for months, but failed to agree on any sanctions measures that could lead to the North abandoning its nuclear program.

North Korea has also warned that if Washington does not take the steps it demands, the country could unleash nuclear weapons.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expected to visit China on Friday to hold talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but no date has been set.

“The United States has been trying to make a deal with North Korean, and now it is going to give up on it, and I will tell you what, I’m going to make sure that the United States is not treated badly,” Trump added.

“This is going not to be a very good week for them.

They’re going be very, very unhappy.”

Trump also said that China and Russia have “given up” on the possibility of imposing sanctions on North Korea.

“We’re going after them for their oil, we are going after their currency,” Trump reportedly said.

However, Trump told his staff he would not rule out a military option if the U.K. or France impose additional sanctions on the North Korean regime.

“There is no military option at all,” Trump stated.

“It is up to the Chinese and the Russians to decide if they want to do it or not.”