A new NFL technology app allows you to check out the team logos of your favorite teams from the most recent season on Twitter, using the hashtag “#NFL” to make your own.

The app was launched Monday, with the hashtag used to send tweets that show the team’s logo on a white background, with a small logo and the word “NFL” at the bottom.

It is a great way to keep up-to-date with your favorite team, even if you don’t follow them on Twitter.

The app uses Twitter’s analytics platform, as well as data from Twitter’s users.

Here are the links to the apps:NFL.com/sms/ #NFL The app was first available for Android devices.

In the past, Twitter has said it was investigating ways to make the app easier for people to use, but the company has yet to make a final decision.

NFL players have been using Twitter to share photos of themselves on social media.

Some have shared images of themselves with their families, friends and coaches.

The Twitter app allows players to tag players, coaches and other members of the team as well.

Twitter is also working on a similar Twitter-powered news app called The News.

The News will debut in 2018.

The NFL was also the first NFL team to release a new Twitter app, which users can use to check in on the team.

A tweet from the @nfl twitter app is displayed on a black background.

The NFL app is available for iOS and Android devices, and the NFL will be offering the app in other countries soon.

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