You can now scan a bar code to get the information you want without the hassle of having to download and install the app that does the scanning.

This is a feature that’s been on the Google Pixel for a while now.

And it’s now a little more available on the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8.

But you won’t be able to scan the bar code with the barcode scanner app on the Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Apple Watch S. It doesn’t work on the Microsoft Band or Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Instead, you’ll have to use Google Now, which is now the default app on Apple devices.

Read more The barcode scanning app uses an app called Barcode Scanner on your iPhone, and it’s designed to help you get around many of the internet restrictions.

You’ll be able get information like how long it takes for a train to leave your town, or a restaurant that offers a different kind of meal depending on the location of the bar you’re looking at.

However, you won