Telstra is still waiting for the NBN to finish the roll-out of its new fibre broadband network in the North Island, where it says it will provide a ‘full range of services’ for the region’s population.

The company said in a statement on Thursday that it had completed a ‘very high quality test’ of the new fibre network and was ‘currently awaiting the final NBN rollout review document for approval of the next phase of the network’.

The NBN’s roll-outs have been hampered by a number of technical issues.

It has been accused of not following the requirements of the Communications Access and Media Centre (CACMA) guidelines for installing its network, which set out the ‘full spectrum’ of telecommunications services for use in the region.

This has led to complaints from residents who live in areas that will be left without services after the rollout of the NBN.

In a statement, Telstra said it had spent more than $100 million in the last year to upgrade its network to ‘high performance’ and ‘high-capacity’ standards, but that ‘the initial rollout process has not yet been completed or certified as the required level’.

It said that it has ‘received a lot of feedback from the community regarding the network’s quality, including from residents of the North and Central Island’ and that it was now working with ‘an experienced local network architect to implement an enhanced rollout strategy to ensure that all the necessary infrastructure is in place to deliver a fully capable, high-performance, high capacity network for our customers in the regions in the coming years’.

It added that Telstra had also ‘worked closely with CACMA to finalise the review document to provide a full range of Services to the region for its residents and the public’.

This comes after NBN Co said that the company would be unable to ‘fully deliver’ the network in its current state.

Telstra’s statement said it would ‘continue to work with the community to improve the rollout and provide the most cost effective and effective services available’.

It did not provide further details on the ‘high quality test’, but it said it completed it in ‘high intensity’ conditions at the end of March.

It added: ‘This was done at a time when our network is being tested by our network architect.

The outcome of the test is not yet finalised, but it was done with the utmost care, professionalism and care that it takes to ensure the final review document is ready in the next few weeks.’

The NBN was not immediately available for comment.