xo Communications (Xo) has announced a merger with Cox Communications (Cox) to provide Cox with an “ever-growing, diversified, and secure communications platform” in the future.

The announcement comes after Xo’s first-ever merger with US cable giant Cox Cable in March.

The Xo CEO and Chairman of the Board, Matthew Lea, announced the new agreement during a call with investors on Monday.

In a blog post, Lea said the two companies plan to continue to grow their business through the creation of “a strong communications platform that includes a wide variety of new products and services, with a focus on improving customer service, security and reliability.”

Cox Communications is the world’s second-largest cable operator, with more than 11 million customers and 4.6 million broadband subscribers.

Its broadband offerings include cable and satellite TV services, voice and video streaming, and VoIP services.

The merger will create an integrated communications and media company that will serve Cox customers, the Xo press release said.

Lea noted that Cox will be able to use Xo communications’ software to provide “an ever-growing array of services” to Cox customers.

The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2019.

According to the Xos press release, Cox will retain the rights to the technology that it developed to manage the XO communications network, which has grown to more than 250 million devices, and the XOs platform and tools that make it possible for Cox to build the network.

Cox and Xo have been partners for several years, including a merger that took place in 2016.

In October, Xo said it was acquiring the US-based communications firm Bright House Networks, which had over 20 million subscribers at the time.

Bright House, a subsidiary of AOL Inc., had about 8 million subscribers.

Crosby, meanwhile, recently announced a $6.4 billion acquisition of Skype, the popular online video-chat service.