Posted February 24, 2018 12:08:30 If you’ve been petting your dog, you’ve probably noticed a new trend: petting too close to his or her food.

While some dogs are naturally protective of their food, others just want to be near it.

For some, that means walking to the fridge or pantry or even the laundry room to pick up a few extra treats.

But not everyone is in this group.

Many people find it easier to pet your dog with a towel or other material that has a little bit of a cushy feel, like a dog blanket.

You might even be surprised by how well your dog responds.

Dog communication apps can help keep your furry friend in check.

They provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, offer suggestions, and even give instructions.

One app that may help you get more out of your pet: TuneIn Tunes in to listen to your dog or cat, and receive alerts about upcoming weather conditions, pet health, traffic or other news.

The app works with iOS and Android devices.

It also lets you view and share your dog’s social media activity.

Totally AwesomeDog Another app, Totally AwesomeDog, has been around for years.

It lets you check out your dog as he or she is interacting with you.

If your dog is being friendly or playful, it’s going to give you a great feeling.

So, it makes sense that the app has also become a hit among pet owners.

How do you pet your cat?

Here’s how to do it in your own backyard. 

The video below shows you how to pet a cat in the backyard.

Here’s how you can help your dog:  Put your dog in the living room to watch TV.

Take a chair and make sure your dog doesn’t get on it. 

Sit on the chair. 

Place your hand on your dog. 

Hold his or hers and move it around. 

Ask your dog to touch his or herself. 

Put a finger on his or their nose. 

Make sure he or hers is touching your hand. 

Praise your dog and show him or her your appreciation. 

Use the petting tool on the couch or the living area. 

Treat your dog by petting him or doing something to encourage him or hers. 

Take a look at how the app works.

I love dogs and cats, but sometimes I feel like they don’t have the social skills to properly interact with us.

We’ve all noticed dogs and pets being too close, or being too aggressive, or both.

And now, it seems, the dog owner is taking action.

What are your tips for petting and petting well?

Share them in the comments section below.