When you’re an employee of a company you run or work for, it can be a struggle to keep your voice and emotions in tune with your team.

One of the most common reasons that employees have to deal with this is the lack of communication between themselves and their managers.

If you’re struggling to manage this, here’s how you can create an effective, productive workplace communication strategy.


Talk about your work 2.

Communicate with your boss 3.

Make time to talk to your co-workers and peers 4.

Create a work-related calendar with tasks and reminders to remind you of important deadlines and milestones 5.

Use your own personal time to get in touch with your employer to talk about your problems and concerns 6.

Talk to your colleagues 7.

Share your work with your peers 8.

Find out who else is working on a project or issue you care about 9.

Keep a list of all of your work items 10.

Take time for yourself and your family.

“I feel that I can’t help my colleagues but I feel like I have to give them a little more time to feel comfortable and that they can express themselves and talk about their concerns,” says Lili Taylor, a communications coach based in the UK.

“There’s no real way to communicate with people if they can’t hear you.”

The solution to managing your communication with your colleagues can be to create a personal calendar of your workplace and task lists to help you communicate with your staff.

You can also use a company-provided list of shared tasks to remind people to take part in the project or project-related tasks.

“We have to be honest with our employees when they start the workday and let them know we’re going to be busy, and we need to work,” says Taylor.

“But I can always say, ‘There are a lot of people here that you’ll find on the list and they’ll be working on projects you’ll be happy to see you all doing’.” If you need to make an appointment, there are options for scheduling meetings or conferences with your co the boss or senior management.

In the event that you don’t have the time or space, a friend can help you.

1 / 3 2 / 3 1 / 2 If you’d like to talk more about workplace communication with an employee, the first thing you should do is find out how much time you spend with them on a daily basis.

If it’s not the same, it might be because of things like how they handle themselves when they’re stressed or overwhelmed.

“You don’t need to spend a lot more time with them than they spend with you,” says Kelly.

“They’ll be a lot happier to be around you if you’re a bit more open to being able to have some conversation.”

If you have a job you love and they don’t, it’s a good idea to work with them to make sure they are comfortable talking to their colleagues.

“If they feel they need to be alone or if they’re struggling with communication, it helps them understand what they’re feeling,” says Doreen.

“Then they’ll know to be patient and try to work through it.

If they can be more supportive, they can make it work.”

“When it comes to your personal life, I would encourage them to find a partner and to try and find a way to connect with them,” says Lindsay.

“It’s important to be a friend and be supportive and not pushy.

They need to feel safe around each other and understand how important it is to them.” 1 / 1